Discover how Creative Point of Sale can make retail smooth sailing.

Retail venues from Golf Pro Shops to Organic Wholefood Marketplaces are just some of the current retail venues housing Creative POS systems.

Benefits and rewards are just the beginning.

Our stock management capabilities put us a step above our competitors, providing clients with ease like never before. All stock details are live, meaning you can view variances/stock levels whenever you desire. This information can be accessed from any terminal or nominated external email, allowing one to view details from any location.

Our mobile stock control applications enable users to enter stock levels on a mobile device, while the numbers are sent directly to the terminals. The system can also send alerts when stock is low, dramatically reducing the likelihood of running out of stock.

Our software allows users to set up loyalty programs, permitting one to reward customers for their spending's, as well as obtaining data based on individual customer purchases. Users can also create distinct specials for specific customers based on their previous buys, providing  them with a more personalised experience.

The system's barcode generator capabilities allow user to create their own prints, eliminating multiple sized/shaped barcodes throughout the store, an issue often faced by owners with multiple stockists.

Loyalty programs
Stock management
Barcode Generation