We understand your need.
Your need for speed.

Creative POS Solutions is easily adaptable to any business layout or speed, making it an ideal option for fast food and takeaway shops.

You've got more important things to worry about.

One of our latest innovations is the kitchen monitor, perfect for fast-paced environments with the potential to misplace and/or forget order dockets. Instead of a paper docket printer to the kitchen, orders are sent directly to a monitor. This not only makes orders easier to track and view, but also provides details regarding average prepare times for individual meals. Alerts can also be set up by staff, making them immediately aware when a customer has been waiting too long for their food to be completed.

To allow greater ease in external ordering for both staff and customers, Creative POS integrates web ordering. This provides customers with an additional option for ordering food, while decreasing the time staff spend on the phones. Web orders are automatically transferred through to the POS system, meaning there's no extra work for staff, and can be paid for online or in store!

Through the use of Stock Reporting and Customer Loyalty Programs, users can easily access statistics including least and most popular items, items causing the most wastage, and what certain customer demographics prefer which items.

Kitchen Monitors
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